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Pioneer | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments | 1 like | 197 views

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Michiel, I hope you do not mind me asking but I think you have said you made your videos in Vegas Pro, how did you achieve the 6 split screen in the Bixpack35 promo? Did you use track motion on individual tracks? There is obviously a lot of work gone into it. Its a feature I would like to try and replicate. Cheers John

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Hi Pioneer,
This project (32_Promo_Video) with 6 split screens was made in BluffTitler and you can find it in BixPack35 as a bonus project. You should just replace still pictures in a project with your videos. Very easy and fast - real-time render.
BixPack 35

ID Production, 3 weeks ago

ID Production, Thanks for this, very useful. Have downloaded and using now. thanks for the Template again. Cheers John

Pioneer, 3 weeks ago

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