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Jeep35 | 2 weeks ago | 16 comments | 293 views

is there a way to keep an animation built in a DirectX 3D file in BT ?
If not, is it assumed to be soon in an update ?

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When you say "DirectX files", you mean the .X 3D model format, right?

The answer is no: animation info in .X files is ignored.

In order to stay compatible with old shows, BluffTitler will continue to support this format, but when it comes to animation it's probably better to support a more advanced format, like DAE or glTF.

Two questions for you:
1) What is your favorite 3D model format?
2) What kind of 3D model animations would you like to import?

michiel, 2 weeks ago

dae or obj I think it would be great if blufftitler could import them directly
( I didn't know gITF, Thanks )

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

Yes OBJ is a necessity because it's a very common format with a great choice of free models on the web and supported by a most of programs, DAE is much more confidential in my opinion.
we had already discussed this subject few years ago

vincent, 2 weeks ago

I like FBX files because they are imported as is (including animations) in the Fusion module of DaVinci Resolve but OBJ is a good choice too.
Anyway, I can convert any 3D files in any other with Ultimate Unwrap Pro software.

Jeep35, 2 weeks ago

OBJ does not, as far as I know, support animation.

michiel, 2 weeks ago

Nowadays a lot of 3D animation files are exchanged in the Alembic format. It's open source. If the implementation in BT would be possible, it would be a dream come true. Anyway, thanks for all your efforts!

Thor5ten, 2 weeks ago

GLB or glTF File format supported in Paint3D, 3D Builder en 3D Viewer. Simple and free software.

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Indeed, i think OBJ doesn't support animation but it's a very common format with a lot of nice and free models that's why it seems to me an interesting choice unless of course you only want to import models that can be animated. I have no experience with animated models.

vincent, 2 weeks ago

Use blender or other softwares that can convert obj files to x files

chaver, 2 weeks ago

The request was not on a convert program (there are plenty) but a 3D format that could be imported with animations. The .X 3D format accepts animations but they are not used in BT. Then, whatever the original format which could be converted, for now, we can't use any animated 3D scene imported in BT.
Among the numerous formats, I think FBX, U3D, Alembic should be a good choice or, the availability to import animations in .X format.

Jeep35, 2 weeks ago

Jeep maybe it is not so easy to make bluff able to import x animations in Bluff .I dont know

chaver, 2 weeks ago

FBX good idea :)

LostBoyz, 2 weeks ago

So you want:

In previous articles you requested:

If only there was one format that you all requested. That would make it a lot easier...

michiel, 2 weeks ago

Michiel here is an overview over formats and well explained. If you want to read

chaver, 2 weeks ago

Personnally I'd prefer a format keeping animation data. After, there is a lot of conversion programs which could help to stay up-to-date with the one you will choose in BT.

Jeep35, a week ago

FBX estaría bien 👌

gato@mo, a week ago

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