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amiga | a month ago | 7 comments | 5 likes | 234 views

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Just a little fun, and with hope that you will revisit the possibility of BluffTitler BOIDS one day in the future again, Michiel.

Thanks for the awesome program Michiel, and thanks to all you great artists that inspire me as a "once in a while" BT hobbiest!


By the way, "my" BOIDS were made with the incredible freeware "Visions of Chaos"

Extra note, the original BOIDS video background I created was WAY higher quality, but I had to seriously reduce the resolution to fit it in a zip file under the required size. Visions of Chaos can render some extremely beautiful and high resolution images/animations to really enhance BluffTitler, so go check it out for yourself. (I'm not affiliated).


Download media files (347.1 KB)

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Very interesting.

vincent, a month ago

Wow, just a nice move

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Boids is a MP4 movie?

lightads, a month ago

Looks interesting and reminds me of fractals.

Ulli, a month ago

Great effect!

Here's a way to do something similar using the sketch layer:

michiel, a month ago

Thanks all!

@lightads - Yes, it's (the moving background behind the test) an MP4 created with Visions of Chaos (link in original post)
@Ulli - Ironically, I found Visions of Chaos when searching for an x86 compatible replacement for the old Amiga art program called Lyapunovia which generated beautiful fractal images!

amiga, a month ago

Très intéressant, à étudier.

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

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