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amiga | a month ago | 4 comments | 6 likes | 181 views

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I just quickly threw this together, so it isn't exactly pretty (or likely efficient), but hopefully it will help jguidus with some examples of making lighting.

The show incorporates the basic Lightning layer, ambient light flashing in the background, and fragmenting text to make it look like a fun strike! ;-)

Good luck with your own and feel free to use any parts of this!

Download media files (3.7 KB)

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Good demo!

Realize that you can apply glow to the lightning layer: mark the GLOW checkbox in the LAYER > ACTIVE LAYER PROPERTIES... dialog. Fine-tune the effect with the glow props of the camera layer.

michiel, a month ago

That's awesome! I only just realized glow can be used on more than models! I know you must have said it many times before, but I wasn't paying attention... ;-)


By the way, can you please tell me again how to freeze motion like lightning (things that still move even if the animation isn't playing) so you can take a specific screen shot like you did above?

Michiel, I'll add, thanks again for such an amazing piece of software! It's just my hobby, but I find lots of enjoyment reading what you and the other artists here have created, and then playing around myself with what I've learned!

amiga, a month ago

Press <Ctrl> P to pause the animation.

michiel, a month ago

Looks very nice and thanks for sharing.

Ulli, a month ago

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