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amiga | a week ago | 5 comments | 1 like | 174 views

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Hey John,

Give this a try. Hopefully it is self-explanatory. If not, just ask!

There might be a better way to do it, but using Chaver's comment, I thought of this.


Download media files (8.6 KB)

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perfect, but 3 images are not necessary to have various colors, just the white one and change color from the properties. Another idea is to use wireframe on an image

Franco Aversa, a week ago

See? I knew there was at least one better way! ;-)

I never even thought about just simply changing colors!

Thanks Franco!

amiga, a week ago

Pressing <F2> (or choose SETTINGS > RENDER INFO) gives you a basic grid.

When you want to line up layers, it works best to attach them all to the same container layer. Set their POSTION props to (0,0,0) and only edit/animate the POSITION prop of the parent container layer.

michiel, a week ago

Thank you all for you help once again. Have downloaded the file Amigi, and it will prove very useful. Cheers John

Pioneer, a week ago


You keep on making me smile! I'm betting if someone asked for a way for BluffTitler to make them a cup of coffee while it rendered, you'd have already done it! (Press F13 for espresso!)


amiga, a week ago

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