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Is it possible to get a paperfolding effect.

I want to unfold a worldmap with an pop up location marker on the vacation location.

Something like this:

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I would use the Picture\TurkishMap effect. That's a much more interesting way to unfold a map.

The installer comes with a demo:

michiel, 10 months ago

Actually that's pretty damn neat.

lightads, 10 months ago

I had seen that effect but I couldn't visualise a fitting solution.
Would be nice to have a folding option with more possibilities.

Maybe to fold paper airplanes dat could fly away

Filip, 10 months ago

i don't know if it is easy to implement but maybe use the 2nd texture slot for a png image as fold tracing plan.

vincent, 10 months ago

No need for a new effect. Such a simple unfolding map can easily be created with a few picture and container layers. But since we're all lazy designers, version offers a Picture\UnfoldingMap effect that automates it all.

A demo is also included:

michiel, 10 months ago

Thank you Bluff and the team for once again giving us a timely update.

lightads, 10 months ago

Your the greatest Michiel, thank you.

It works like a charm.

Filip, 10 months ago

Great effect!

vincent, 10 months ago

Un seul mot : Bravo !!!

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Decentralized, 10 months ago

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