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Thor5ten | a week ago | 12 comments | 10 likes | 196 views

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I'm still in titling mood.

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chaver, a week ago

Very well done. In this case it could be cool to have a floor level for debris (as we have for particles) to put them on the ground at the end.

vincent, a week ago

Looks really amazing exploding like that, good job, and great texture.

Decentralized, a week ago

Very well done. Thor5ten !

liuyongcai, a week ago

Well Done !! I like animations

lightads, a week ago

Really great materials and effects!

The title is now only fully readable in the beginning as its shadow. How about reversing the animation? Starting with the debris and ending with a fully readable text. This way the title is gradually revealed, making it rewarding to watch until the end!

michiel, a week ago

Thank you all! Michiel, as usual your ability to get into a viewer's position with little to no attention span is unmatched. 😉 You are so right. Worked your suggestion into the show but kept a little of the crashing fun.

Thor5ten, a week ago

This is a great animation!

Ulli, a week ago

Very good Thor5ten!

michiel, a week ago

Fantastic show Thor5ten!

LostBoyz, 6 days ago

Thank you Ulli, Michiel and LB.

Thor5ten, 6 days ago

Great show Thor5ten

Filip, 6 days ago

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