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Thor5ten | 3 months ago | 10 comments | 8 likes | 291 views

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Here's Darth Vader fighting via the VJ effect to the sound layer, like Michiel would have liked in the previous thread:

Had to make my own sound file with only saber hits to which VJ reacts and adding the hum and the heavy breathing afterwards. Also added a poor Jedi which stands no chance against Vader as it seems and a mirror layer beneath them to add even more drama. Then it was only a matter of correctly adjusting shoulder and elbow rotation.

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Very good combination of 3 techniques:
1) VJ dialog:
2) T-Pose effect:
3) Cube map layer:

I especially like the reflections of the sabers on Darth. His metallic outfit seems to be made for reflections!

michiel, 3 months ago

This is great. I like the reflection of the sabers too.

Ulli, 3 months ago

Love this fight, great sabers!

Filip, 3 months ago

Thanks to all. I'm glad you like it.

Thor5ten, 3 months ago

Awesome Thor5ten!

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

Great show with reflections, real classy

lightads, 3 months ago

Super show Thor5ten and may the force be with you.

vincent, 3 months ago

I also really like the reflections on the helmet.

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

Thank you! Yeah, the reflections really make a difference. And it's so easy to use in BT, thanks to the cubemap layer.

Thor5ten, 3 months ago

Very good, I love it!

Alex-Raymond T., 3 months ago

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