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The newly released "Surface Studio" in Hifilm Pro got me thinking, if something like that is possible in BT. With the technics used there I was able to simulate specular mapping in BT.

You have to do the following. Duplicate model and group in container. One with color map. The other one with a map made from transparency of the specular map subtracted from the color map.

To do that copy color map as a layer on top of the specular map in Photoshop. Press CTRL on your Keyboard and click on channels RGB. Delete the specular layer and delete the selection from color map. It should now look like the color map, but in parts slightly to fully transparent.

In BT set the specularity parameter to 0.99 for the colormap model to make it shine bright. For the specular mapped model set specularity to 0.

Experiment with the Depth-Bias slider to achieve the best results. The lighting in the scene is the key to make it look real. The farther away, the better.

Except for the planet there were no height maps used in this video. The only outside editing of BT was color grading for dramatization.

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I confirm, light is life

vincent, 3 years ago

Hi, Thor5ten

Have you played with the normalmap effects also?
This is also a good way to make an object more real by light.

komies, 3 years ago

Komies, as you can see especially from my previous creation with some yummy candy bars I'm no stranger to normal maps. And they really do their job well. But the last extra tidbit of "reality", IMHO, can only be acheived by specular maps. Although, I have to admit I come from a scifi centric background and therefore I might be slightly biased :-).

If you look at the planet, before with only a global setting for specularity we could have either shiny water with shiny landmasses or "unrealistic" water with "realistic" landmasses. Filtering out the shine on land does the trick, to have the best of both worlds.

The starship is similar. It's a single model with a single texture. With the specular map simulation you can have shiny bussard collectors (the red things ;-)) and some nicely tuned "aztec" patterns on the hull, which unevenly reflect light. The hull pattern could have been done via bump mapping - I did it many times before - but this wouldn't be looking so subtle.

In the starting clip I could've combined it with a normal map, but wanted to show off, that it could be done without (especially concerning metallic surfaces).

Vincent, exactly! :-)

Thor5ten, 3 years ago

Thor5ten very nice Respect for the mirror effect but too heavy it would be very happy if Blufftitler such an effect package to the Downloden or to buy would have really super ??✌

elvis66, 3 years ago

Thor5ten great show, I have no real idea where you guys talking of, but it's great. Maybe I have to study more 3d theory?

Filip, 3 years ago


A quick search on Youtube I found this neat video.

komies, 3 years ago

@komies thnx for my first lesson. It's a bit dazzling. But the understanding begins.

Filip, 3 years ago

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