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Thor5ten | 5 months ago | 10 comments | 9 likes | 334 views

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As suggested by Michiel, I've changed Superman's initial on his costume here:
He's now loyal to Bix.

Cape is as before a waving flag layer added to his back. I've connected to an additional model joint on his head light cones and particles to give him heat vision.

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Looks great.

Ulli, 5 months ago

Thank you for choosing the letter B!

And yes, attaching things to model joints is a very powerful feature. It turns BluffTitler into an animated model mashup maker!

Here's an idea to attach a monstrous mask to a dancing girl.

Models used are:

michiel, 5 months ago

Such a creative community!

IntroChamp, 5 months ago

Yes BT is powerful

vincent, 5 months ago

It's getting better and better!

Filip, 5 months ago

Noice. Love the laser eyes too.

Decentralized, 5 months ago

Great idea!

LostBoyz, 5 months ago

Thank you all.

Thor5ten, 5 months ago

Very nice thought...Thor5ten.

Dani, 5 months ago

Superman devient de plus en plus fort ! Super Thor5ten.

le beau jojo, 5 months ago

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