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dvsprite | 10 years ago | 3 comments | 3,299 views

The preview picture is of a Digital Juice graphic of metal text with rivets. The texture is not important, I can work that out later. I am trying to get the effect of rivets on the border.

The closest I could get was a text layer with text layer effect lightbulbs and a duplicate text layer with text layer effect wireframe.

Adjusting the density and size of the lightbulbs gave me the results you see in my show files. Is there a way to make the lightbulbs line up with the corners of the text more closely?

Maybe there is a better way to create the effect. Any suggestions?

Download media files (133.3 KB)

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There is a larger example of the Digital Juice graphic in the Media Files.

dvsprite, 10 years ago

Press the ATTACH BORDER TO ACTIVE LAYER... button and select the LIGHT BULBS preset.

You can set the amount of bulbs and positions with the 2 DECORATION properties.

michiel, 10 years ago

Thank you Michiel. Your suggestion works well for my project.

dvsprite, 10 years ago

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