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dvsprite | 10 years ago | 1 like | 3,731 views

This was a video greeting I made for my son's 21st birthday. The link at the bottom of the post will play the 45 second video.

The guitar player you see is my son. The amazing guitar player you hear is someone identified as calaw at this link:

The project was edited in Vegas Pro from 6 Bluff Titler shows, 8 clips from Digital Juice, backgrounds/masks made in Photoshop, and photos and video I shot of my son.

Approximate timing locations for BT shows and other fx:

0 sec: paint throw, paint splash - Digital Juice Compositors Toolkit 1

2 sec: Year Counter S677

8 sec: Text Tornado S397

8 sec: fireball - Digital Juice Compositors Toolkit 2

9 sec: smoke - Digital Juice Compositors Toolkit 1

17 sec: Text with Plasma Flame made in BT (used HarryP font)

21 sec: guitar photo colorized, background, and mask made in Photoshop, video of my son added to masked area in Vegas Pro

24 sec: Dpack2-8

32 sec: flame - Digital Juice Compositors Toolkit 2

33 sec: Dpack1-17

36 sec: Vegas Pro medium wave fx applied

42 sec: black guitar made from son's guitar photo in Photoshop, animated in Vegas Pro

42 sec: spotlight, lightning - Digital Juice Compositors Toolkit 2

42 sec: waveform - Digital Juice Motion Designers Toolkit 3

44 sec: Dpack2-3

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