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dvsprite | 10 years ago | 5 comments | 1 like | 3,568 views

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BBB and others have been asking for shows using video. There have also been several requests for tutorials.

First some questions about tutorials: How much interest is there in a tutorial video capturing my screen as I work? Would spoken explanations to go along with the visual be useful? At this time, my narration ability is limited to English. What about a written tutorial with still screen captures?

The principle of what I did follows. Full details are in a text file you will get when you download the media files.

A Text Layer can be textured with video which means a character in a font can look like it has video projected on it or from it.

The media files started as Michiel's Carnival show (click link to get to the original). The structure, camera moves, and key frames are exactly as created. Other than turning the main word into a video screen, the only changes were the ones we make to all our shows: resolution, duration, text, font, and color.

1) Change the font to Webdings, then replace the word Bluff with the solid box in the font (lower case g).

2) Next: Media Menu > Change Texture > Select Video resulting in what looks like a screen with a video playing on it.

3) Change the size and shape of the "video screen" with the Text Size properties.

4) Adjust Texture Size and Texture Position properties to make video fit with in the screen area.

5) If your video seems too dark, make sure Color is set to White (255,255,255) for all keys on that layer.

I already made all the changes described so when you download the show, you can replace my video with your video, edit the Scroller Text to say what you want, make any color changes you like, and you have a new show displaying video.

Set Show Duration by typing in the total time of your show and clicking on Add to End. The video screen will spin in, then the video will continue playing to the end, positioned in place.

Download media files (701.7 KB)

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I found this very helpful in understanding some basics with this program. I like blufftitler but the more I try working with it the more I realize I just don't understand it very well and don't use it well either. Don't kid yourself thinking it's a basic program because it is Hugely powerful in the right hands with infinite possibilities. Just wish I could understand it better and be more creative with it.
Thx for this sprite it was well done and written

brntguy, 10 years ago

After downloading and unzipping the media files and double clicking the video screen with file

the program complains about not being able to find iconv.dll . An error message window titled

" ActiveMovie Window: BluffTitler.exe - Unable to locate Componenet"

And contains the msg. - "This application has failed to start because iconv.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem".

However, when I hit the OK button to the error msg it reappears then on the 3rd try the BT file opens and plays fine in the Blufftitler render window.

Has anyone else run into this problem???

Is the xxx.wmv supposed to play in another window, Like maybe an activemovie window???

Thought I'd ask before reinstalling the Program. Any help would be appreciated

mufasaxx, 10 years ago


The .wmv plays in the Bluff show. It shouldn't call another window.

I don't know what is causing the problem on your machine. One possibility is a download can get corrupted on the way without completely failing. Sometimes the problem happens during extracting. Redownloading and extracting may help.

dvsprite, 10 years ago


Thanks for the tip. The video file was corrupted, although I played it in about 5 different applications before I posted.

After your post I replaced it (which I should have done before I posted) with another xxx.wmv and it played perfectly. Thanks again for the wake up call.

mufasaxx, 10 years ago

Hi Dvsprite - thank you for taking the time in producing this tutorial - I for one would appreciate some help and agree with brntguy that BT is a powerful programme and us novices would greatly benefit if someone with greater knowledge of this software could spare the time in producing a tutorial(s) - Your question: How much interest is there in a tutorial video capturing my screen as I work? Would spoken explanations to go along with the visual be useful? What about a written tutorial with still screen captures? - for me, 'tutorial video capturing my screen as I work and spoken explanations to go along with the visual' would be great.

Thanks again - Eddie

Eddie, 10 years ago

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