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3 Examples of some great effects that can be achieved by turning pictures/bump mapped pictures into cylinders increasing the model number and changing both the Position of the Picture Layer and Camera Settings.
The field of view gives some great effects, a little like the Vertigo Effect used by Alfred Hitchcock.

The "Tunnel 3 Headache" show will induce nausea!!!

Download media files (1.6 KB)

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Note: These files appear to assume you have BT installed in the C: directory. You'll have to change the texture on Layer 4 to match you own path if not C:

JimH, 16 years ago

The problem seems to be that the FX files only looks at c:\program files\blufftitler\media\effects obviously I accidentally moved it at some point.

I've asked Michiel to replace the zip with a fixed version and also please note it uses Bump Mapped Textures, so older video cards may have problems displaying the tunnels in their full glory!

DeanO, 16 years ago

It's all fixed now. Media paths are relative and BT tries some folders if it can't find a file, but not your entire harddisk :)

Probably the best strategy is to place all media files next to the .BT show file because that's the place the program starts looking first.

Very creative effect. I probably would have never suspected it has been done with BluffTitler when you would have shown it to me on DVD. Great work!

michiel, 16 years ago

Thanks for the tip, I'll include the files in future...

Glad you like it and it's great to see you don't quite realise what BT is capable of!!!

DeanO, 16 years ago

Very good idea!

Ulli, 16 years ago

I've just been experimenting further and if your video card doesn't support the bump mapping functionality of BluffTitler try just changing the picture layer to one of the many textures included with BluffTitler.

Hedge, Cloth and even some of the bump map normal files and tonal art files give some "cosmic" effects!

DeanO, 16 years ago

Very good but how can I make it bend like the Dr Who intro.

lynton, 16 years ago

WOW! That looks much cooler than the fix I employed. Great job.

JimH, 16 years ago

"Very good but how can I make it bend like the Dr Who intro." - lynton

I'm sure you can, I'll look at the effect again as these were really just tests, but I generally do fine tuning and any additional effects on the exported show in a good NLE (I use Avid Liquid).

To be honest these came about because I'm going to attempt a Dr Who spoof starring my daughter. Because of my age my "Doctor" was Jon Pertwee, much simpler titles then, so the "Field of View" effect show will probably suffice with a few tweaks and a flying 3D TARDIS.

DeanO, 16 years ago

Dean, these fx are great. Glad you warned me about No3 - it is a mindblower. Very well put together and executed. I must get back into using BT as it is a gem of an application. It just gets better and better and I must create a note to use more regularly - or did I say that already? Must be the effect of your 3rd show hehehehehe.

alanMAC, 16 years ago

ey good job

omitnesneh, 16 years ago

I love tunnel effects! Well done!

mattsaurian, 15 years ago

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