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DeanO | 15 years ago | 5 comments | 5 likes | 4,948 views

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Ive recently discovered some interesting text effects by simply adding additional spaces (carriage returns) either before or after the text to adjust the pivot point when rotating.

Find attached a zip file containing two demo shows that highlight the pivot change method.

There's nothing fancy about the shows, just showing the concepts!


Download media files (1.3 KB)

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WOW! The effect is amazing!!! The ACCELERATE AND DECELERATE effect works really well in the swinging animation. As if BluffTitler features a *real* physics engine.

Well done!

michiel, 15 years ago

Just want to be sure I understand -- the only value you keyframed is the middle value for "Text Rotation" on Layer 4?

Anyways, both of them look very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

Yes that is correct, that is the only animated value to highlight the addition of the spaces.


DeanO, 15 years ago

The swinging animation is very nice!

Ulli, 15 years ago

It is amazing what you can do with a few spaces. And Michiel makes a good point, that the motion dynamics display especially dramatically in these two shows, i.e. you can more clearly see what each movement function/curve does.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

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