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DeanO | 16 years ago | 14 comments | 15 likes | 19,895 views

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... originally titles for one of my movies (that I never made!)

Now reworked general consumption.

Best played along with the theme music from "I Dream Of Jeanie"

The link to the CHERI font is below.

PS Pull the Camera right out to see all the text waiting to play their part.

Download media files (11.8 KB)

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What a great animation. Everything is right in this animation: the font, the texts, the timing, the background plasma, the particles, the music. Everything fits together perfectly in this 50 seconds masterpiece.

I advise everybody to find a copy of the "I dream of Jeanie" theme because the music really finishes it off.

This is the reason we developed BluffTitler. For me, as the founder of Outerspace Software, this is the antidote to all the hackers, crackers and leechers. This is the feedback that makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Dean, thank you very much!

michiel, 16 years ago

Wow, what can I say?

Thank you Michiel.

The Theme can be found at the link below it's the second from last in the "Television Theme songs" column.


DeanO, 16 years ago

great work!!!

angelocer, 16 years ago

At the end of the animation layer 10 vanishes in the distance. The layer becomes invisible because it's being clipped by the backplane. I think this clipping does not look very nice, so maybe it's an idea to make the last key of layer 10 completely transparent (with the TRANSPARENCY property)

michiel, 16 years ago

A very valid comment Michiel. To be honest I forgot about the transparency setting when I reworked it as this was a BT v1.x show and transparencies where still a few versions away!


DeanO, 16 years ago

My fingers are itching to do a "remix" of this animation :)

michiel, 16 years ago

Very nice work !....

TKDDAD, 15 years ago

Remix away!!! In fact I remixed it for a change of address animation last year!!!

DeanO, 15 years ago

Nice one Deano, as usual your flair with the moving text and blending to the music is spot on :)

alanMAC, 15 years ago


james nahar, 15 years ago

Das ist gewaltig und reif fur einen OSKAR

Radlerklaus, 13 years ago


Superbe animations.

Une petite question, pourquoi je n'arrive pas a mettre les accents, alors que la lettre "e" est dans la liste, a la place j'ai un rectangle.

Merci, G'Claire

GClaire, 13 years ago

Are you sure you're using the CHERI font?

michiel, 13 years ago


Merci pour votre reponse.

oui, j'en suis sure, j'en ai deux : Cheri et Cheri Liney

Doit il y avoir des parametre sous XP pour regler le soucie.

Ensuite je voudrai utiliser cette animation, mais je ne comprends pas tout a fait comment elle est creer (Y'a tellement de chose.

J'aurais voulu faire ceci :

Masque 6 : Sous la direction de
Masque 7 : Charlyne
Masque 8 : Entouree des animatrice
Masque 9, 11 a 14 : Masque 9 copier plusieur fois pour des Masque 9 : Bernadette
Masque 11 : Gaelle
Masque 12 : Reine
Masque 13 : Michele
Masque 14 : Nadege
Masque 15 : Leila
Masque 10 : Avec la collaboration du peintre
Masque 11 : A creer

Y'a t'il un nombre limite de masque dans une animation?
Y'a t'il moyen de copier ou de deplacer plusieur cle a la fois ?
Y'a t'il moyen de copier des cles d'un meme masque sur un autre fichier ?

Comment ecrire un script si j'utilise le meme effet sur plusieur masque?

Merci, G'Claire

GClaire, 13 years ago

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