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Decentralized | 4 months ago | 6 comments | 8 likes | 199 views

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Many thanks to Lost Boyz for fixing the skater model.
And to Vincent for inspiration and ideas.
And of course Michiel for making all things possible and various help.
Original video from Feb. 2011, also made with BluffTitler:
Music is self composed.
My computer was unable to handle saving the show in one video.
So I had to split it into two videos. I used an AI for the transition.
It's very obvious, but kinda works.
YouTube's compression made it a bit pixley at times.

Talking model was made in ready player me, so was one of the dancers.
The Lost Boyz skater fix is here in comment section:

Models used from sketchfab

Burning Legion Outhouse: WoW Legion Fan Art

High-Detailed Ele-Beast full-rigged and animated


Cartoon Jump (Anticipation)


Frying Pan

Face coin

Raphaël (Angel)

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Fantastic psychedelic and creative music clip, has nothing to envy of certain clips made with substantial budgets. I love it and the music is GREAT too. Congrats Decentralized.

vincent, 4 months ago

Really great to see the AdvancedMaterials\Psychedelic effect in action!

GREAT show. Thanks for taking the time to include the links to the models!

michiel, 4 months ago

Great show.Decentralized

chaver, 4 months ago

Thank you Vincent, Michiel, and Chaver.

Decentralized, 4 months ago

Great show Decentralized!

LostBoyz, 4 months ago

Great use of the Psychedelic Effect, Decentralized!

Ulli, 4 months ago

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