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Can we have a warp text.cfx. It could make other text effects as Acender-Bender and Bender superfluous.
when added something like Speed, frequency or amplitude to the Text layer properties it could also replace Bubbler, Dancingfool, JumpForJoy and MrsWiggle

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One of the effects I use for pretty much all projects is NotLightened. Technically this effect does the same as the Lightened effect with the FX LIGHTING FACTOR prop set to 0. So, with your logic, the NotLightened effect is superfluous and can be removed. But this means that every time you want to turn off lighting, you have to select the Lightened effect and adjust a prop. Now imagine a Warp effect that can do everything all the effects you mention. This means that every time you want the dancing fool effect, you have to select the Warp effect and adjust at least 10 properties. Do you see the problem? Yes, It's much easier to have dedicated effects with less props!

michiel, 3 weeks ago

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