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maitegras | 9 years ago | 4 comments | 10 likes | 2,830 views

sinus300, BillyJack, LostBoyz and 7 others like this!

Lionsgate parody

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Very good!

LostBoyz, 9 years ago

Thank you.
a bit of information: the gears, the house is at the bottom, and sides of 8 pistons are made ​​in cinema 4d models.
the reason is because this way the project has fewer layers. Another reason is because the textures from cinema 4d I exported as I drop. Door sources I used my pc.

maitegras, 9 years ago

Sorry, I'm sarcastic. But how come the "BLUFFTITLER PROJECTS" Part at the end doesn't have the right font like the real LIONSGATE Title?

J.Lyric, 9 years ago

The source in this case the customer chooses.

maitegras, 9 years ago

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