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NextPreviousHomeShow Merge - Merged content is duplicated

IBMedia | 8 years ago | 5 comments | 1,710 views

If you use Control M to merge a show, the merged content is displayed twice in the output window ... as if there are two output windows squeezed together.

If you export as image, the image looks correct.

If you export as movie, the exported movie is correct ... only one "pane"

It seems that the player window is the only thing affected.

This is with 8.4.02

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ctrl m or merge will copy every layer, also the camera layer, ambiant light and point light layer.

Just delete what you don't need extra as the camera layer in this case.

komies, 8 years ago

Thanks for that ... that corrected it for me.

So really .... any shows that I intend to merge, should have those layers removed before merge.

Maybe, it might be useful to give a dialog during the merge process that allowed some layers to be excluded from the merge ... otherwise it's eta work to find and remove any layers you don't need.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

or after merge :)

blufftitler is still evolving and maybe later that will be the case, for now i'am happy with the possibility to build in a fresh show put that in a container and move it into an other show i'am working on.

So it saves me alot of time and effort, so as introchamp would say "Long Life Blufftitler"

komies, 8 years ago

Yes, that's the problem when the product developer adds new features ... we're all VERY grateful for them ... then IMMEDIATELY want even more!

Thanks for all your hard work, Michiel

IBMedia, 8 years ago

I figured out a methodology to handle this situation.

I am going to create my shows as normal.

Get them exactly how I need them, and then SAVE the show.

Then I will delete the Camera Layer, the Point Light layer, and the Ambient Light layer, and do SAVE AS ... and then name the show as OriginalShowName_Merge

Then, when I merge, I will merge the _Merge version and everything will be fine.

If I make changes to the show, I just repeat the process.

If I follow that methodology, then merging will be painless, without Michiel needing to add another new feature.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

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