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Hi Michiel,

You commented in another article ...

"Since BluffTitler generated video files are rarely the end product this is the task of your NLE"

Most of the shows I create are the final product.

I believe that when you first created BT, it may have been the case that it was only used as a "titler' ... but it is now so powerful tool that it can easily be used to create short marketing videos - which are the final result - except for needing further compression.

I believe I wll not be the only one of your users who are using it this way.

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You're definitely not the Lone Ranger in this. The programs I used to use as finishers (Blender and After Effects) are now my specialty only programs and BluffTitler is my primary program for finishing both sports intros and TV commercials. It's been this way for a couple of years now. 90% of the time, I use Titler for the entire skit and then take it over to Pinacle Pro for HD compression. That's it! Every time Michiel says or hints that Titler isn't for finished products or full length clips, I just have to scratch my head.

I would definitely rank BluffTitler as one of top misleading named programs in the industry. Titler only psst.... Yeah Right!!!!

BillyJack, 8 years ago

Thank you both for your compliments!

Creating an NLE version of BluffTitler would be an absolute dream project. One thing you could do to help is to be a proud user: tell the world you are using BluffTitler for your projects, do not use it as your secret weapon, post videos of your projects in this gallery (not just tech demos, but real projects for real clients), use the text "BluffTitler" in the description of your YouTube uploads and like us on Facebook.

Thank you!

michiel, 8 years ago

Great. Looking forward to it!

michiel, 8 years ago

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