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IBMedia | 7 years ago | 3 comments | 1,587 views

I noticed that for the new LED settings that will be in an upcoming version of BluffTitler, there is a Show View Percentage of 1600%, so the list of available percentages is obviously being increased.

When you are adding additional percentage sizes to the list, would it be possible to add some more between 50% and 100%? That would be VERY useful.


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What is the resolution of your desktop? And what of your videos?

Realize that when editing the only thing that matters is the aspect ratio. You can use any resolution you want as long as the width/height ratio matches the final video.

You can easily resize the render window by dragging the window border with your mouse.

michiel, 7 years ago

Hi Michiel,

I want to create at 1280x720.

I have a 1600x900 screen.

A 70% option would let me fill the display area above the tool window and see the whole of my show in the correct aspect ratio.

If I do as you suggest, then I must ALWAYS remember to reset the show size berfore I do "Export as Movie" otherwise I will get whatever size I have dragged to.

Would it be a really major problem to give some additional choices in that dropdown?

Actually, what would be even better would be to make it a spinner and let us choose whatever view percentage we wish. That would allow use to fit the maximum possible size player window above the Tool window regardless of individual dislay size.

IBMedia, 7 years ago

When exporting it is best to use a smaller view. This saves precious video memory that can be used to improve the antialiasing quality.

michiel, 7 years ago

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