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NextPreviousHome3DR PRO LIBRARY WORKSHOP - July 28, 2016

agpvn | 4 years ago | 9 comments | 9 likes | 1,688 views

vincent, ID Production, Jeep35 and 6 others like this!

The seminar ended successfully with the support of so many fans BluffTitler software & 3DR PRO LIBRARY.

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Beautiful..........i think this is the first seminar about BT.........
i admire your work, and wish you all the very best your efforts towards Bt.
Thank you,

Dani, 4 years ago

It's a good initiative agpvn.

vincent, 4 years ago

Thank so much, Dani & Vincent ^_^

agpvn, 4 years ago

If it would be nice is there any videos on this seminar........we would love to watch them
thank you.

Dani, 4 years ago

Will soon be availabel next week , Dani ^_^

agpvn, 4 years ago

How can we get this library?

snafu, 4 years ago

@Dani: Hightlight - 3DR PRO LIBRARY - Workshop july 28, 2016

@Snafu: You can contact :

agpvn, 4 years ago

it is wonderful to see :)

Carlos Marques, 4 years ago

Thank Carlos .

agpvn, 4 years ago

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