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I'm trying to make Ice text with a snow topping.

I tried it with a Ornament border but that doesn't do it.
I tried a picture of snow but that also isn't right
I tried it with attached particles and the floor higher but that in't natural.

Do you have a tip.
IS it an idea for an new effect like the ornaments??

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Good question!

I tried 2 things:
1) blob particles
2) attach the particles to a copy of the text layer, move and rotate this layer a bit and make it invisible with the invisible effect

By placing this text a bit higher I could make the snow at the undersides (onderkanten) invisible. This however looked unrealistic so I've also moved the text a bit to the left and rotated the heading and pitch.

Not perfect yet, but maybe this helps your experiments.

michiel, 6 years ago

Brilliant lets try it!

Filip, 6 years ago


Ulli, 6 years ago

Michiel can you give us a show with this skill?

snafu, 6 years ago

Here an alternative without particules but using duplicate text layer with FX displacement bias (inconvenient : snow placement is not so realistic as in Selina's show)

vincent, 6 years ago

What effect do you use to put snow on the text?
I find it rather spectacular
Thank you
Pat 67

PAT67, 6 years ago

The current particle layer features 2 LAUNCH COLOUR properties. With these props you can launch the particles only from a specific colour.

The same idea could be used to launch the particles only from a specific normal (orientation). For example only from the faces facing upwards.

This however requires 2 new particle layer properties. Not sure if this effect is worth it. What do you think?

Maybe when Selina reveals her trick we don't need those extra props!

michiel, 6 years ago

That is actually looking well cool, if you pardon the pun.

tayla, 6 years ago

You are all wonderful people nicely done.
Thank you Filip.

Dani, 6 years ago

Thank you Michiel I will inspire me

PAT67, 6 years ago

Selina and Michiel how do you do it? In my show only the left part of the text is covered with snow. The right part stays the same

Filip, 6 years ago

I found something. When I change the settings to low or normal it works perfect.

Filip, 6 years ago

Version introduces the LAUNCH NORMAL and LAUNCH NORMAL TOLERANCE properties in the particle layer. When setting those props to respectively (0,1,0) and (0.5) the particles are only emitted from the upsides, simulating snow falling from above.

There's also a SNOW ON TEXT preset when you choose LAYER > ATTACH LAYER > ATTACH PARTICLES TO ACTIVE LAYER... This also works with model, picture and sketch layers.

michiel, 5 years ago

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