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Franco Aversa | 3 years ago | 8 comments | 8 likes | 1,502 views

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terraforming effect on egg

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Nice egg update rocking the community..

Dani, 3 years ago

Thanks Dani

the egg craze...LOL !

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Egg-traordinary, Franco

komies, 3 years ago

thanks Komies

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Great job, Franco
There are old theories that the shape of the earth resembles an egg..?
I did not expect that?
I did not expect that..(Earth)= egg crazy

Sma, 3 years ago

Sma don't worry, I do not believe in strange theories.
I tried to apply many effects to the egg,
I liked this, and I made a distant planet
in the deep space....but it seems that Leonardo Da Vinci has created the first globe
on an ostrich egg!
LOL !!

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

La terre est un panier trop petit et fragile pour que la race humaine y mette tous ses oeufs. Robert Heinlein
C'est bien Franco vous êtes le premier à en poser un dans l'espace

PAT67, 3 years ago

ah ah... merci beaucoup PAT67, on espère ne pas faire une omelette!

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

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