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only a test

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Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

this is the video

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Nice use of the particles!

Filip, 3 years ago

Muy logrado y bien realizado

persiana, 3 years ago

Thank You.
I'm trying to reproduce some things that other programs do and that are done in BluffTitler in less time.

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Yes, that's the right formula.

We can go one step further: create things in BluffTitler that are impossible in other apps!

michiel, 3 years ago

Yesss, we can ! LOL !!

Michiel, is it possible to make an effect in which the particles are always emitted in the opposite direction of the movement of an object?
I tried to build it with target that move but being that the particles always have a delay does not come very well. It would be nice to create comets, particle vortexes, light trails and other things.

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

With the LAUNCH SPEED property you set the initial speed. This way you do not have to wait for gravity to do its work.

michiel, 3 years ago

Yes Michiel, I know there are many parameters with which you can get it.
But if, for example, I create an emitter and move it fast to the screen, the particles
that are around it don't feel the shift. So they do not lose particles
during the move. I have to set a launch speed in the opposite direction, it would be nice (not just comfortable) that the particles felt this force
and leave a trail due to the inertia of the displacement of the emitter.
if I move the launch area, even the already emitted particles that are traveling feel the displacement of the launch area. once launched, their motion should be independent of the displacement of the emitter. I guess it's a chaos because every particle should have its own linear path.

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

I don't think this is possible in the current version. The particles have their own position and speed, but they are relative to the parent. Just like their transparency. What you want is to make them independent the moment they are launched. Thank you for your request!

Here's a trick to simulate this:

michiel, 3 years ago

Thank You Michiel,
this is a good solution.
I had made a vortex of particles that screwed on itself, it had not come badly. Who knows, you'll have some nice ideas for a new effect!

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Looks very nice, Franco.

Ulli, 3 years ago

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