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Franco Aversa | 7 months ago | 10 comments | 10 likes | 308 views

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I tried to simulate a water jet in BluffTitler.
What can be improved?
Which material should I use?

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other material test

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

I think it looks very nice!

Only thing that's missing is a text. That would turn your tech demo into a useful title:

michiel, 7 months ago

Franco, your 1st test is not bad at all, more realist than 2nd in my opinion, maybe you could try different reflection (texture/settings) and lightings but sure, it's not easy to simulate water jet. Anyway your test is very good.

vincent, 7 months ago

All I see is Filter Forge 😊

I think it is the right approach particle 3d blobs additive with floor level and bouncing property.

You could experiment with another reflectionmap and with another particle (shape) into the existing Blob one.

komies, 7 months ago

Thanks to all !

Milk comes very well !

I saw that it is very nice to regulate the flow with the emission and the speed of the direction and the gravity.
Excellent results are obtained

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

Love your show. I also think that the first is the better one.

Filip, 7 months ago

Very natural style...i like the first one...Good job Franco..

Dani, 7 months ago

Creo que esta muy bien el primero, pues es mas real

persiana, 7 months ago

I like both simulations, Franco!

Ulli, 7 months ago

La 1ière simulation est pas mal du tout , ça doit pas être facile à réaliser
autrement ça coule pas de source

PAT67, 7 months ago

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