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Franco Aversa | 2 years ago | 6 comments | 1,356 views

this morning I'm sleeping ...
what am I doing wrong?
If I insert an edge because I get stuck on the pink writing?
I can not make the big border in "wireframe" mode how should I proceed?
I have a moment of forgetfulness.
the black writing I took from an ready animation, but I can not rebuild it ...

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Use the EDGES SILVER preset:
1) choose FILE > NEW SHOW
3) select the EDGES SILVER preset
4) click OK

michiel, 2 years ago

that's what I'm doing, but the thickness of the edge is thin.
If instead I take the character from the animation the edge is big, why?
it also happens on tubular, the edge is very thin

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago

You can set the size of the edge with the BEVEL property of the parent layer.

michiel, 2 years ago

Ok, now I understand...
I was translating BluffTitler into Italian and accidentally I entered a wrong voice in BEVEL, so I could not find the command .... thanks Michiel.
I said that this morning I was sleeping !!

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago

Maybe a special WIREFRAME THICKNESS property would have been easier. Just like a TUBE SIZE property.

To prevent the number of properties from exploding we decided to abuse the BEVEL property.

michiel, 2 years ago

now that it's evening I woke up ... LOL !!
Thank you !!

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago

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