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Franco Aversa | 5 years ago | 11 comments | 8 likes | 1,758 views

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I made the spray can in Blender 3d, the rest is BluffTitler

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Nice, Franco

Why make the spay can in Blender?

komies, 5 years ago

Where I live Franco just got a very stiff fine and several days with 3 hot's and a cot!! LOL

SMSgtRod, 5 years ago

Great spray can, Franco!

Ulli, 5 years ago

the spray can is easy to do directly in BluffTitler, but I'm creating a series of 3d models to use in BluffTitler by simply uploading the .x file
However, the label is a picture layer with the cylinder function.
Maybe I can make a video where I show how to build it directly in BluffTitler,also because there are more ways to get the same thing.

You're right after I clean the whole wall.

Thanks to all, the initial idea was to tie the spray with the particle and follow a path (sketch layer) for the drawing.

Franco Aversa, 5 years ago

This one is made only in BluffTitler with the use of rotating characters.

Franco Aversa, 5 years ago

Très beau travail

PAT67, 5 years ago


You can save the show with only the spray can in a container, and use CTRL+M to merge it into a show you need it in.

komies, 5 years ago

Thank you, I know !
It would be nice to have a command export and import containers.

Franco Aversa, 5 years ago

merci beaucoup PAT

Franco Aversa, 5 years ago

Franco very nice, like the spray-paint

Filip, 5 years ago

Thanks Filip.

Franco Aversa, 5 years ago

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