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NextPreviousHomeRequest: Camera as displacement map

Franco Aversa | 10 months ago | 2 comments | 294 views

since there are no collisions, I thought that a camera not displayed as a "displacement map" could be used.
If the camera is moved under a floor, and we make an object come out through this floor, we will be able to know when the object has collided and generate a height map equal to the "penetrating" object.
What do you think? Is there another method to generate an impact between two objects (not manual of course)?
It would be interesting if this camera generated a gray-level image.
Even more interesting would be if the camera could render only one or two levels indicated (like when we press ctrl + Shift). So even if there are many objects, the camera would make believe what happens only on the impact levels.

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This can be done with the landscape layer.

Select the camera layer and choose LAYER > Stand in landscape... and the vertical camera position (as set with the 2nd slider of the POSITION property) is now relative to the surface of the landscape.

The displacementmap texture that the landscape layer is using can be a picture file, but also dynamically generated by a colourmap layer.

To turn a colourmap layer into a displacementmap, apply the System\CameraViewDepthmap effect to the camera layer of the colourmap layer.

So yes, technically it is possible. However for a simple 4 second intro it's probably easier to do this manually with a few keyframes.

michiel, 10 months ago

Thanks Michiel, I was not able to use this solution well, but it was very useful to me anyway.

Franco Aversa, 10 months ago

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