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(in the future) it would be nice to be able to change the BMP with keyframes.
Is it possible to change them for the X - Y - Z parameters?
For example, if I want to set different "random" colors, I have to start from one color on the animation and set a variation, but are all 3 parameters changed at the same time?
Is there any way to generate a single parameter, even in the case of "position" or other parameters?
Maybe I have to use multiple VJ effects on the single parameter?
Thank you!

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I like the concept and it looks so natural when it swings

lightads, 11 months ago

Yes it's possible to use different VJ settings for the 3 sliders.

It's even possible to use 2 or more different settings for the same slider. The values are simply added.

Up to 10 VJ settings can be used per layer:

michiel, 11 months ago

Thanks Michiel,

but if for example I want to do it on the color I have to set 3 different settings, but do I have to set different BPM? (I would like to use the oscillator)

Franco Aversa, 11 months ago

No, you do not have to use different BPMs.

michiel, 11 months ago

maybe I didn't understand how it works, because if for example I put random in position X, Y I see that the object moves even if random on the same places.
It would be nice to be able to start the ON-OFF command at a certain frame. For example, let's say that an object A must do an action before object B, all objects will start at the beginning of the animation (even if a time offset is set)

Franco Aversa, 11 months ago

In that case I advise you to use good old key frames. This gives you total control and limitless possibilities!

michiel, 11 months ago

I find that the new panel gives many opportunities, just learn how to use it and have good ideas on how to use it.
Thank You Michiel !!

Franco Aversa, 11 months ago

Great it Franco..

Dani, 11 months ago

una buena idea,Franco

persiana, 11 months ago

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