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Franco Aversa | 4 years ago | 14 comments | 7 likes | 1,767 views

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I would like a BixPack of subtitles for interviews (lower third) with a simple and professional look. I also told Michiel that he liked the idea.
I did this test, what do you think?
Obviously, the background will be transparent to insert the video.
Do you like this idea? Why not try it too ...

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Sounds like a GREAT idea for a new BixPack Franco.

MrGruntHunter, 4 years ago

Franco that could be a quite useful pack to have.... especially with the background transparent.

SMSgtRod, 4 years ago

I think Blufftitler could be given more attention for controlling and sending broadcast graphics in live production. Right now you would have to use this type pf graphic over a green background to Chroma Key with your switcher. And depending on the levels of transparencies (glares, smoke, particles, etc) over the green areas, we are limited to the quality of keying over live video. It would be great to have 1080p live video input support using Newtek's open source NDI (Network Device Interface) protocol. Version 9 supported Blackmagic Design's Decklink Video Card so you could send out Key/Fill sources directly from Blufftitler but since v10 it was discarded. I would pay extra to have these options.

kugo, 4 years ago

Nice Franco!! I think it's wonderful when things are made to allow Blufftitler to be used for TV graphics especially for live production.

kugo, 4 years ago

You don't need a green background for BluffTitler. Just the transparent background as it already has! The electronics already recognize signal 0, alpha key has always been so in broadcast graphics titler.

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Thank you for your request! Notice that many BixPacks already offer lower thirds:

michiel, 4 years ago

And the latest pack offers a clean, 3D lower third:

michiel, 4 years ago

Yes Michiel,
I meant a BixPack of only lower third maybe sorted by type!

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Great use of the lower third....I love this... yes agree with Michiel...

Dani, 4 years ago

And the installer comes with 4 lower 3rds:

michiel, 4 years ago

yes, sorry. I did not mean there was no Lower Third. I think BluffTitler is better than many titling software. For this reason, creating graphics to be superimposed on video with transparent background expands the market because people like to put titles in their videos. BluffTitler is right for this purpose and it's very easy to create animations of this kind. What is lacking in people (I do not mean users in this forum) are the ideas. To find BixPack ready also decides to buy software.

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Thank you Franco!

michiel, 4 years ago

Another one....

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Nice work Franco!

Filip, 4 years ago

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