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lightads | 4 months ago | 4 comments | 159 views

I'm editing action-keys when the beat is right. Bluff doesn't have markers so I have to use Presstick on the screen.
This would be a nice feature to include sometime in the future


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I would like more if you could set the start to a specific keyframe in the audio or video file,
but your idea is certainly "comfortable"

Franco Aversa, 4 months ago

I agree Craig.... having indicators external on the screen are no where's
as handy as a frame marker that you can precisely jump to as needed.

SMSgtRod, 4 months ago

Yes, that would be wonderful!

michiel, 4 months ago

Hi Blufftiler-Fans,

Just a quick dirty tip for you. To sync movements inside Blufftilter simply use WAVOSAUR and READ in the TIMELINE the POSITION and copy these numbers to BLUFFTILTER. This will set your Objet/text or whatever synced to the Beat. Issue: You can NOT play it Looped cause Blufftilter lost his sync to the sound But ONCE played IT IS PERFECT synced to the BEAT....Try it out

Have a nice Day
Best Greetings

2ids, 4 months ago

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