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Franco Aversa | a year ago | 5 comments | 287 views

Hi Michiel, I bring you a request from my user, I don't know what this thing is for because I would technically do it in another way.
He is a singer and uses the videos generated with BluffTitler in his concerts (very nice this use of BluffTitler in live). But he asked me if is possible to generate video with particles to create a video of a few seconds in "loop". Because he uses the "resolume" software to project these live videos. I said that he could also use BluffTitler in live by putting the continuous animation in the loop or create a video much longer than what is needed.
This "resolume" software has a store with all short videos in a loop. I said that if they were other types of layers we could calculate that in the end the object returns to the initial coordinates so as not to see the detachment, but with the particles this is difficult because many objects are emitted and it is impossible to caculate where they are . Could it be a future possibility for BluffTitler to have a function to generate short videos, perhaps with a special function?
For me this person complicates his life unnecessarily, but given the prices of these videos in the store, it could be the theme of future BixPack animation in loop.

in other animations it is sufficient that the final keyframe is the same as the initial one in all the layers.
It would be nice to have a command that would copy the characteristics of a keyframe in each layer and paste them into a new keyframe in their layers with a single command.

would it be possible to do it with plasma and orange blobs for example? Is there a time when the movement returns from where it started?

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example ( very simple )

Franco Aversa, a year ago

The user guide explains how to loop the plasma layer:

michiel, a year ago

The particles can't be looped because they are simulated with physics. What you could try is to make the particles invisible at the end and beginning of the show. For example by setting the EMISSION property to 0 or the TRANSPARENCY property to 1.

michiel, a year ago

Please ask this user to post videos of his concerts in this community. We'd all be very interested to see BluffTitler in action!

michiel, a year ago

thanks Michiel, yes many animations can fade at the end and fade in the beginning.
Others come off on a second animation and then return to the first.
Thanks also for the information on the plasma, I go immediately to see.

I'll tell to friend to post some videos, it's always nice.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

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