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Pixelpanther | 7 months ago | 9 comments | 10 likes | 303 views

Ulli, maggico, maxste and 7 others like this!

Hello BT Peeps!

Couldn't resist a little promo for BluffTitler.

The glass eps was made by Bixangelo tracing a profile sketched in Affinity Designer (using potrace), same for the 'liquid' in the glass, brought in and horizontally revolved in BT.

The reason for using Affinity is that I can store both the glass profile and interior 'liquid' shape on separate layers for easy export to be traced in Bixangelo. Handy tip - Remember to centre before saving to an EPS for BT.

Reflections were created by a dot light map created in bixorama and an environment panorama from along with a cubemap to reflect the text to the glass.

Camera movement uses the overhauser spline to make everything a bit more refined and a Mirror layer just adds depth.

As always if I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to ask and I'll help where I can :)

Michiel, I've made this one public, tagged and linked ;)

My best regards to the BT community


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Great show Bob, the rendering of the glass is perfect, reflections and colors are very nice!

vincent, 7 months ago

Thanks Vincent!

Pixelpanther, 7 months ago

Very Nice show! :)

LostBoyz, 7 months ago

Magnifique réalisation. Un grand Bravo !

maggico, 7 months ago

Beau drégadé de couleur dans le verre

PAT67, 7 months ago

Great show, tutorial, titles, tags and links! Thank you Pixelpanther!

michiel, 7 months ago

Glas and reflections are great.

Ulli, 7 months ago

Thank you everyone - much appreciated :)

Pixelpanther, 7 months ago

Un bonito y gran show

persiana, 7 months ago

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