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NextPreviousHomeA Valentine's show to play with

Pixelpanther | 6 months ago | 17 comments | 10 likes | 336 views

LostBoyz, Ulli, michiel and 7 others like this!

A simple little show using a few of the standard built in features of BT including the recently added Twisted Text. It also uses a plasma layer, a flexibility setting and a VJ layer oscillator to rotate or 'flutter' the hearts in the background.

Fonts used are Webdings (which you probably already have installed) and Aksana, which can be found here:

Have Fun! :)

Download media files (19 KB)

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Nice, thank you Bob.

vincent, 6 months ago

Nice show thank you :)

LostBoyz, 6 months ago

Sympathique animation et merci pour la distribution des fichiers

PAT67, 6 months ago

Twisting text is amazing.

lightads, 6 months ago

Thank you Vincent, LB and lightads.

Merci PAT67

Pixelpanther, 6 months ago

Ah love is in the air.

Filip, 6 months ago

Thanks Filip, hopefully for those of us still waiting :-)

Pixelpanther, 6 months ago

Very nice. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Ulli, 6 months ago

Thanks Ulli :-)

Pixelpanther, 6 months ago

Very good and thanks for sharing

Alex-Raymond T., 6 months ago

Thanks Alex-Raymond T. :-)

Pixelpanther, 6 months ago

Muy bien y muchas gracias

persiana, 6 months ago

Gracias Persiana! :)

Pixelpanther, 6 months ago

Where do you find the TwistedText.cfx effect file?

MrGruntHunter, 6 months ago


Jesus, 6 months ago

MrGruntHunter, the TwistedText effect can be found in the BluffTitler\Media\Effects\Text folder.

If it isn't there, updating to the latest version solves the issue:

michiel, 6 months ago

OK, Thank you Michiel. I just checked and noticed I an at 14.6.04. I downloaded the latest version and will get it installed.

MrGruntHunter, 6 months ago

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