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Pixelpanther | 2 years ago | 12 comments | 12 likes | 1,201 views

Grooves, snafu, Franco Aversa and 9 others like this!

Hello again BT Peeps,

Thought I would share a little show which allows you to make scattered debris at a very low CPU/GPU cost. The theory goes like this....

Make a few text layers with random long strings of characters.

Set explosion and jumble values on text layers high.

Motion camera 'through' your debris field. (Spline motions work best for smooth anim)

You'll see how it works and I've left it bare bones for you to experiment with. Try adding plasma, add decoration, change the text sizes and layer values, camera focus etc etc - there is a lot you can do and it's a simple but effective way to get space junk ;)

Above all - have fun - Long Live Bluff!

Download media files (1.1 KB)

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Beautiful ballad through the debris. Nice show! thanks.

vincent, 2 years ago

Great idea, thanks for sharing.

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago


snafu, 2 years ago

Thank you very much PP.... having to run an errand, will check it out as quick as I get home! LOL

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

Beautiful show with lovely camera movements...Bob great job...

Dani, 2 years ago

Thanks everyone, hope you have fun trying out the technique. More to come when I have a few moments :-) best regards to you all.

Pixelpanther, 2 years ago

Buena demostración

persiana, 2 years ago

Gracias Persiana :-)

Pixelpanther, 2 years ago

Great job)

Sma, 2 years ago

Thank you Sma :)

Pixelpanther, 2 years ago

Great job and thank you very much for sharing, Pixelpanther!

Ulli, 2 years ago

Thank you Ulli :)

Pixelpanther, 2 years ago

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