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lightads | 11 months ago | 3 comments | 1 like | 244 views

Pioneer likes this!

It would be great if we could type in text on the page and resize it so we could edit a path EPS on the text. Presently we need a screen grab JPG of the text but cannot resize it in Bixeangelo.

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No need to (manually) trace a text. Here's how to do it:
1) start BluffTitler
2) choose FILE > New show
3) switch from SOLID to TUBULAR SQUARE (3rd dropdown below the textbox)
4) choose MEDIA > Change effect... and select the Text\TextWriter effect
5) animate the FX WRITER property

michiel, 11 months ago

What I actually want to do is create an EPS path that goes in between my text where I can animate it with whatever. Bixeangelo gives my the X Y Z path capabilities for this exact purpose.

lightads, 11 months ago

Interesting project!

I think it's easier to do the resizing in Bluff, with the SIZE prop of the sketch layer.

In this quick test I used the ITALIC prop to make the sketch truly 3D.

michiel, 11 months ago

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