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Thor5ten | 7 months ago | 12 comments | 13 likes | 571 views

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Made some EPS files to have a more controlable glass shatter. Couldn't resist kicking a ball through it. You can change the texture of the ball to your liking in the attached show, so it doesn't have to be soccer...

Download media files (62.8 KB)

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Bravo Thor5ten. Super réaliste la vitre qui se brise !!!

le beau jojo, 7 months ago

wow great love the breaking windows!
Thnx for sharing.

Filip, 7 months ago

Bravo. great love the !!!

liuyongcai, 7 months ago

Nice and realistic glass breakage! Super show!

vincent, 7 months ago

After this Goal comes the punishment ...
Beautiful animation !!

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

Great show, wonderfully done.
Thank you for sharing it.

lightads, 7 months ago

Merci ThorSten pour ce but fracassant.

Eddy, 7 months ago

Great effects. And thanks

Decentralized, 7 months ago


michiel, 7 months ago

Thank you all.

Franco, punishment is a small price compared to the dream to be a world cup player one day. ;-)

Thor5ten, 7 months ago

Great thank you for sharing

chaver, 7 months ago

Fantastic, thank you!

LostBoyz, 7 months ago

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