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Franco Aversa | a month ago | 7 comments | 2 likes | 144 views

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Hi, I was looking at all the new features added over time.
When on "active layer properties" there is "sort elements", how should I use it? When is activated the command that is inactive by me?
Sorry but I missed this thing .....

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It is currently only used in the particle layer. When this checkbox is marked, the particles are sorted by their distance to the camera. This is important when using particles with alpha blending:

michiel, a month ago

Glad you asked Franco. I did not know that. Thanks for that link that explains it, Michiel.

Decentralized, a month ago

Thanks Michiel,
now that you said it, it occurred to me .... age advances 😅

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Franco wrote......."age advances 😅" Sadly here aged has arrived! 😅

Pioneer, a month ago

@Pioneer the important thing is to age well and if you can have fun.
It makes me laugh to go and review the tutorials I create on YouTube to remind me how I did things .... a sort of back to the future, I leave the electronic "notes" to see them in the future ..😋🤣😂

Franco Aversa, a month ago


vincent, a month ago


Franco Aversa, a month ago

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