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Filip | a year ago | 7 comments | 1 like | 568 views

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Maybe there is some logic but I an't see it.
When I give a letter (or any thing else) the size 0 in one slider this letter doesn't disappear.

When I use the writer option for a circle and I set both sliders to 1, there is at first noting but after running the show a dot stays on the screen.
I've edit the video and the files. I've tried other fonts. Some do have this problem others not.

Download media files (5.7 KB)

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The text layer disappears when I set the 1st slider of the FONT SIZE property to 0.

It also disappears when I set the 1st slider of the TEXT SIZE property to 0.

And it also disappears when I set the 1st slider of the WRITER property to 0.

The 1st slider of the WRITER prop controls the last visible character. The 2nd slider controls the first visible character. A value of (1,0) makes it fully visible. And a value of (1,1) makes it fully invisible. This has nothing to do with the CIRCLE style (1st dropdown below the textbox).

When you post your BT file I will take a look at it.

michiel, a year ago

Posted the files.

When you rotate the minimized Text you see the ghost.

Filip, a year ago

The TEXT SIZE prop of layer 16 is set to (0, 1.2, 1). This means that it still has size in the Y and Z dimensions. This way it is only invisible when you watch it unrotated from the exact same X position. From all other X positions it is still visible (when using perspective projection). Set this prop to (0, 0, 0) when you want to make it invisible from all positions.

The same phenomenon happens with a single text layer: set its TEXT SIZE prop to (0, 1, 1) and then move the camera or the text.

michiel, a year ago

It's not logic. When something has in one dimension a size 0f 0 it can't be visible.

Filip, a year ago

Following your logic, if your axiom is true, it would mean that we are built out of an infinite number of dimensions because otherwise we would be invisible. So you are not only 4D, but also 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D,...

michiel, a year ago

if a plane rotates 90 degrees, I think it must be at least one pixel thick.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

When the writer is set to (1,1.001), the ghost is not visible.

shoji M, a year ago

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