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amiga | a month ago | 5 comments | 209 views

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a simple 3D model that I want to "stick" a label on the surface using BT. I know that actually texturing the model in a 3D modelling program is a better approach, but this is one simple label on an otherwise white model, so I opted to use a picture layer and position it just over the surface of the model, with both the picture and model in a container.

That worked quite well, and even zooming in close to check my work, the picture is just a fraction over the model's surface, making it look like it was painted on.

But the problem starts when I move the entire container, or camera, or anything that changes the viewer's perspective of the model/picture combination. When it moves, the label (picture) flickers.

I believe they are too close to each other, and think I read once (or Michiel said) that to get rid of that, you can use Depth Bias. I tried playing with it (on the picture) and the flicker got better, but still flickers enough to be annoying with movement.

Short of shifting the picture layer a fraction MORE above the surface of the model, or actually delving into 3D modelling and texturing the proper way, is there a simple solution to get rid of the flicker?

Thanks, and I'm going to post the entire project when I'm happy with the final result.


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Another strategy is to draw your label in the texture. This does not require 3D modelling skills, but only editing in a paint app:

1) Extract the texture by right clicking on the 3D model in the file dialog and choosing EXTRACT TEXTURES...

2) Edit the texture in a paint app

3) Apply the edited texture to the model in the MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE... dialog

michiel, a month ago

Models used in my screenshot:
Bix from the installer (BluffTitler\Media\Models\Bix.obj)

michiel, a month ago

It's even possible to animate the model texture by using a colour map layer.

The latest installer has a demo:

michiel, a month ago

Good morning Michiel. I cannot seem to follow you advise on right clicking in the file menu, sorry about this can you please elaborate for my old grey cells. Cheers John
Update Ok found out how to do it. From within the show change model and then right click. However after adding my text it came out reverse on the model so I reversed the text on the texture and all works fine.

Pioneer, a month ago

Pioneer, yes, some model textures are not very logically organized. Happily, in this case the workaround was easy. Great to see it works now!

michiel, a month ago

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