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Thor5ten | a week ago | 11 comments | 11 likes | 182 views

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Revisiting all the great features BT has built in. Made the interior map via a colourmap, added GLB models and varied the animations. Glow is working great with the interiors also.

Base show is from BixPack 33 City Lights.

Skybox and reflection made with Skybox AI.

All the free models are from here:

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Really good and very strange all these characters locked in these cubes, a real human hive.

vincent, a week ago

well done

chaver, a week ago

Looks incredible in a city like that. Good thinking. I been leaving them in the water, but have to try that.

Decentralized, 6 days ago

WoW! Awesome show! I like it!

LostBoyz, 6 days ago

C'est comme dans la vie. Dans les cités dortoirs, les gens sont rangés dans des casiers, sauf qu'ils sont plusieurs par casier.

le beau jojo, 6 days ago

Thank you all for the friendly comments. Vincent and le beau jojo I agree with both your comparisons.

Thor5ten, 6 days ago

Powerful trick to create a dynamic interior map with a colour map layer!

I assume it still renders super fast? Imagine when you had to render every 3D model separately for every room. That would be super slow.

michiel, 6 days ago

What an awesome show, Thor5ten!

Ulli, 6 days ago

What a super show. Amazing animation. Well done.

lightads, 6 days ago

Thank you Ulli, lightads and Michiel. It rendered like a breeze. Separate 3D models would have slowed the show down to a crawl or worse. Interior mapping is still an amazing feature. 👍

Thor5ten, 6 days ago

Love your show Thor5ten!

Filip, 6 days ago

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