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Carlos Marques | 9 years ago | 9 comments | 10 likes | 4,519 views

frankch, JimH, vincent and 7 others like this!

BenderDDS.fx is Bixorama

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sebouze, 9 years ago

That's pretty freakin cool CM!

BillyJack, 9 years ago

Broadcast quality indeed!!!

Love the bubbles!

michiel, 9 years ago

where can i get this show ????????

xhevi, 9 years ago

Hi carlos!

I still have a question. Is it possible to know how you have done the texts?.... Because they are bent & they have a reflexion map. Is it a model that is still bent, or do you use combined Fx (bend/reflexion. fx) on a text layer?


sebouze, 9 years ago

He is using BenderDDS.fx

bHappy, 9 years ago

text effect BenderDDS.fx
When using the BenderDDS.fx effect make sure the application is set to high quality (with the menu item SETTINGS > HIGH QUALITY) The text can be bended with the FX BENDING ANGLE property.

Carlos Marques, 9 years ago

Very Nice!

brntguy, 9 years ago

So many .fx lost because they aren't in one centralized repository but spread all over comments.

Per, 9 years ago

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