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michiel | 5 years ago | 4 comments | 7 likes | 2,868 views

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Here's a trick to export the alpha channel:
1) Select the camera layer
2) Press the CHANGE EFFECT... button and select Effects/Export/CheckAlpha.fx
3) Set the FX SHOW ALPHA CHANNEL property to 1

The CheckAlpha.fx that comes with the installer has problems rendering the alpha channel at the borders of the screen. This is fixed in the version attached to this article.

Download media files (1.2 KB)

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Beyond cool, thanks Michiel!

BillyJack, 5 years ago

Thank you,michiel

liuyongcai, 5 years ago

how to create an transparent background in bluff?

mrbernd, 5 years ago

mrbernd, the background is always transparent.

It's the layers in front of it that make it non-transparent. For example a full screen background picture removes all transparency.

michiel, 5 years ago

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