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Filip | 5 years ago | 3 comments | 1,223 views

I want to use the chalk letters with the rainbow text.cfx.
Why is the "welkom" text collor not dotted like the "new' text?

I tried to remove the RefelexionMap_Silver.jpg and the but that doesn't work.

Michael can you help? See the full file on google drive.

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Layer 3 (WELKOM) is using the RainbowText effect but layer 4 (NEW) is not.

michiel, 5 years ago

I know that text layer 4 is not using the RainbowText effect.
What I want to know is why the RainbowText effect egalises the texture. The same texture is used in the layer 3 as in layer 4.

I want to get every charater in layer 4 a different chalk (dotted) collor.
The texture is especialy created for that purpose (with a nice freeware program "Smoothdraw 4).

Filip, 5 years ago

Aha, I think I now understand what you want.

The Text/RainbowText effect supports 3 textures:
1) a cartoon map
2) a reflection map
3) a cube map

You can see this in the F9 dialog after you have selected the effect.

What you want is this:
1) a cartoon map
2) a colour map

I now see how you would want to combine those 2 textures.

This would however require a new effect. Thank you for your feature request!

michiel, 5 years ago

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