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Filip | 2 years ago | 2 comments | 5 likes | 817 views

Ulli, Dani, persiana and 2 others like this!

1. is it possible to make the Physics work for a part of the animation.
2. Is it possible to make the effect weaker or stronger

In the show i have used the Bouncer Physics setting. I like the effect in the last part of the show but not in between.

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1. NO, it is selected or not selected.
2. NO, Physics is not a property with settings.

Look at the Physics chart (link) this is the progression of the animation between keys, and notice the difference when choosing a spline effect.

Possible solutions for question 1:

A. Don't animated between keys, use a same value from key to key so it doesn't tween.
B. Let the camera do the animation till the Physics effect needs to start.
C. Use another layer, The old switcheroo by cloning layer and a fast keyed transparency action or crossfade, and this layer can now even have another Physics effect.
D. Use Playlist, Now every layer can have a different Physics effect because it's a different show that can take over where the animation of the previous stopped, but with a different camera angle in the next show makes it more dynamic and you need to be less precise for the transition.

Possible solutions for question 2:

A. More time between keys, tweening happens between the keys and goes from one value to the next value in the next key.

Good luck and have FUN.

komies, 2 years ago

Thanks Komies. Always more solutions for the same challenge 👍🏿

Filip, 2 years ago

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