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Filip | a year ago | 7 comments | 4 likes | 593 views

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@ Pioneer what's the problem? The creation of a logo?

You can draw a logo with drawing software, I use (freeware).
Draw your logo and save it as a transparent picture (png format).
Load this picture in BluffTitler as as Traced Picture layer. In this way the picture can be treated in the same way as a Text layer.

In this link you see some examples:

Oh, you can Use Bixelangelo to trace the bitmap (png file) an make a eps file. This has more sharp edges, but you have to edit it to create a good result.

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Filip "Traced picture" that's the trick I was missing. Thank you for being gentle with me, its an aged related problem. Keep up your inspirational work they are great to watch. Cheers John

Pioneer, a year ago

John, like to help.I also learned a lot from more experienced users on the community.
Thnx for your good words.

Filip, a year ago

If you have Bixelangelo you can easily convert a png pic in vector (EPS), with SOLID checkbox checked in the Save as panel.

vincent, a year ago

Cracked it!! Created an image in Affinty Photo exported as *.png imported into Blufftitler as a traced picture. Thanks Filip for your help and thank you Vincent for your suggestion. Cheers john

Pioneer, a year ago


Filip, a year ago

I suggest also GIMP to create logos (it's free)

observer, a year ago

Muchas gracias a Filip por las observaciones y a Vincent por el video de demostración. Ayudan mucho a los más novatos a sacarle todo el potencial de Blufftitler y de Bixelangelo.

JOSE LUIS, a year ago

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