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Thor5ten | 4 years ago | 6 comments | 9 likes | 1,404 views

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While working on an upcoming Starfleet at Mars scene, I tried to make phasers and photon torpedoes. These are my results, with some sweet warp streaking stars added at the end. All scenes entirely done with BluffTitler.

Franco's "like butterflies" helped me creating the photon torpedo. The phaser beam was done with one straight eps line animated with the writer property in the sketch effect and added some particles to beef it up.

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Good show, Thorsten

And thank you for sharing the info.
I'll await the Mars scene, is that with Utopia Planitia? ??

What is you opinion about Discovery?

komies, 4 years ago

Thank you, komies.

Indeed, it's about Utopia Planitia. But as you can see in the picture it needs more ships and more life in it. I'm in the process of preparing more vessels for the show.

Loving DS9 I never thought Discovery is as bad as the initial reviews made it look like. And it grew on me even more through its first season. Compared to first seasons from other Trek incarnations it was quite a ride. I also loved all those little details they put in to crossreference the other shows.

Thor5ten, 4 years ago

Nice work,Thor5ten!

Sma, 4 years ago

Good job...

Dani, 4 years ago

Impressionnant le jet de plasma

PAT67, 4 years ago

Well done!

Ulli, 4 years ago

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