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New Christmas Templates

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 20 comments

BixPack 18 has been fully remastered with the latest tricks, techniques and effects. ID Productio... Read Article


joseburgos | 9 years ago | 4 comments

This a new version of Royal Flush. Added a new model with image and bump map as a particle. The mod... Read Article

Science Title

joseburgos | 9 years ago

Another model with a UV image map. Use the included template to paint your own colors of the differe... Read Article

Sparkle Texture Generator

michiel | 9 years ago

I was struggling with Photoshop, trying to create some sparkle textures when suddenly it occured to ... Read Article

PAL DVD Widescreen Not Widescreen

jimgo | 9 years ago | 1 comment

I used the subject template last year when creating titles for a holiday video shot in PAL widescree... Read Article


joseburgos | 9 years ago

This show uses a container layer to "hold" together the trophy. Please read the layer names and foll... Read Article

lower thirds

westho04 | 9 years ago | 1 comment

anyone have or good make any good lower thirds? Read Article

Another UV Model example

joseburgos | 9 years ago | 4 comments

Here is another Model with a tribute to Michiel's Tardis but no box map fx again. Instead modeling a... Read Article

Warner Brothers logo

Eddy | 9 years ago | 1 comment

Hi, How to change the letters BT in the logo (eps). And what is the name of the font used. And how t... Read Article

DVD Case

joseburgos | 9 years ago | 1 comment

Still new to Bluff but wanted to contribute. After watching the DVD case show;http://www.outerspace-... Read Article

AVI file fails in Pinnacle Studio 12.1

dfrancois1 | 9 years ago | 16 comments

I have a registered version of Bluff Titler ver 7.6.5. I am experiencing problems when I export as a... Read Article

Simulate Police Lights on a Background-Image

schmidde78 | 9 years ago | 4 comments

Hello everyone. I have a Building as a Backgroundpicture and want to make it look like a crimescene... Read Article

Reflection Mapping Effect produces pixelated gradiants

NFAToys | 9 years ago | 2 comments

My simple two line text project with a Silver Reflection map effect produces a blocky pixelated colo... Read Article

Mission Impossible 2

schmidde78 | 9 years ago | 5 comments

1st at all...I love BluffTitler. This one I made using the CubeMap DDS. The map was created with B... Read Article

New Line Cinema

schmidde78 | 9 years ago | 4 comments

Hello. This is my first attempt. The "The New Line Cinema"-Intro. The only Problem so far are th... Read Article

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michiel: That must be the ProceduralTextures\Fractal_Julia ... 28 minutes ago

SMSgtRod: I knew a fellow that did a lot of photography usin... 9 hours ago

B.Projects: Persiana, recuerda que el programa te guarda una v... 11 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Alex. 12 hours ago

komies: Wonderful, Vincent 13 hours ago

vincent: Tried a more shiny version 13 hours ago

Franco Aversa: exactly Michiel, for that I want to install it in ... 18 hours ago

vincent: Great show and original LB! 19 hours ago

Jeep35: Great show A few explanations will be appreciated... 20 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very cool :) 21 hours ago

michiel: I could not find the system requirements. My guess... a day ago

Jeep35: If you have a huge budget, Speedtree Cinema IS the... a day ago

Jeep35: I have both Win 8 and 10 and it works on both a day ago

persiana: extraordinario vicente a day ago

vincent: Thank you very much to all. a day ago

Ulli: Amazing effect, Vincent! I like the colors. a day ago

Ulli: Wonderful show, PAT. I like the animals. a day ago

Ulli: Oh wow, Jeep´s tree is amazing! Thank you very mu... a day ago

Ulli: Really beautiful show, Filip! a day ago

Eddy: Bravo Vincent, ça illumine les Fêtes. Merci pour l... a day ago

MrGruntHunter: Hello Dani, I downloaded this pile to play with b... a day ago

persiana: Bueno, ahora si me quedó claro, aunque no sabía de... a day ago

vincent: persiana, no podemos escoger la imagen desde Bluff... a day ago

persiana: Michiel, siento decirle que no entiendo nada de lo... a day ago

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