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DOF in 3D space, simulation of physical camera.

RRA | 8 years ago | 3 comments

Hi, I'm tryging to recognize possibility to create DOF effect in Bluff Titler. Is it possible to ... Read Article

3 seconds of file saved as AVI--HELP!

michelle | 8 years ago | 4 comments

when I save my file as AVI it is only save 3 seconds of the file how do I change that? Read Article

GreenScreenPlus FX

michiel | 8 years ago | 9 comments

This effect makes the green parts of a picture, video or video capture layer transparent. It adds... Read Article

display screen size

Dick | 8 years ago | 1 comment

Is there any way to re-size the main display panel and for it to maintain that size as different sho... Read Article

Effective Use Of DPak's

jmarkt | 8 years ago | 7 comments

Using DPak 1, Show 16, is there an "easy" way to replace the "7" with a "PNG format" logo of my own?... Read Article

BT Shows ?

BBB | 8 years ago | 2 comments

If no one is going to post any more BT file shows, when will I be able to purchase some ? Read Article

dynamic content - using rss

eranbd | 8 years ago | 2 comments

how can i get information from rss file? i want to show the "34.GIF" file on my presentation what ... Read Article

Stars in mathsketch

Yousef | 8 years ago | 4 comments

This is a simple BT file with stars generated using mathsketch. I have attached the mathsketch file.... Read Article

Blufftitler and Dreamscenes

Yousef | 8 years ago

Hi All, I have created some video using BT. I then created animated desktop wallpapers from the vid... Read Article


bcorden | 8 years ago | 1 comment

Transparacy not working, I'm saving as .AVI uncompressed but background remains black, what am I doi... Read Article

Goursat's Surface

michiel | 8 years ago | 6 comments

The Voxel layer has been designed for medical visualizations, but we recently discovered that it can... Read Article

Dimension Shift

michiel | 8 years ago | 1 comment

When creating a stereoscopic video you need to render the show twice: for the left eye and for the r... Read Article

GreenScreen FX with spillage suppression

michiel | 8 years ago | 21 comments

This effect makes the green parts of a picture, video or video capture layer transparent. You can... Read Article


EDW | 8 years ago | 2 comments

Hoe kan ik een bt file in avi wegschrijven in het formaat 16:9 ? Nu gebeurd dat in 4:3. Read Article

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