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i did not get the way to read my reply

tomi | 8 years ago | 1 comment

i did not get the way to read my reply Read Article

Price Tag

michiel | 8 years ago | 6 comments

Here's another show using the new container layer. It requires version 7.6 or higher. The price t... Read Article

The BT format

Per | 8 years ago | 7 comments

Is the format of the BT files documented somewhere? :) Read Article

Fading plasma

Per | 8 years ago | 2 comments

Is there a way to fade (to black) a plasma layer? Read Article


michiel | 8 years ago | 12 comments

This show uses the container layer introduced in version 7.6 I've attached the picture layers to ... Read Article

Default resolution

Per | 8 years ago | 2 comments

Was there some way you could set the default resolution? Read Article

Flex Lab

michiel | 8 years ago | 10 comments

The FLEXIBILITY property of the text layer is one of the most unique and powerful features of BluffT... Read Article

Be Different

michiel | 8 years ago

Note that I managed to mix the 2 text layers by using the FIXED SPACE composition mode (1st dropdown... Read Article

Container Stripes

taco | 8 years ago

I just downloaded the new Blufftitler, and been messing around with the container layer.. THIS RULES... Read Article

Double Screen

luis1966 | 8 years ago | 3 comments

Michiel, all what you explained me worked perfectly using screen 1 with tool window as the work wind... Read Article

Version 7.6 is ready for download!

michiel | 8 years ago | 1 comment

Version 7.6 is ready for download! The 3 best new features are: 1) Hierarchy: group layers tog... Read Article


orlando | 8 years ago | 3 comments

just playing around w BT. Maybe somebody need can use it Read Article

Particles won't open

shani | 8 years ago | 1 comment

I cannot open any media file that begins with MB_xxx.bp All other media open just fine but nothing ... Read Article

My clip will not play is animation complete in my video edit

tomi | 8 years ago | 3 comments

My clip will not play is animation complete in my video editor programme what can i do (i mean the t... Read Article

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komies: Good show, Liuyongcai a day ago

vincent: Well done. a day ago

vincent: Nice! persiana. me too i know this song but don't ... a day ago

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